The Holy Land Ministries U.S. based Board of Directors is made up of dedicated volunteers who sacrifice their time and energy to serve. They have been called from different areas of life, but all share the burden for seeing this unique ministry continue to grow and thrive. They meet multiple times a year and even makes trips to the holy land to interact with our on-site colleagues and projects- going deeper with our staff and students for a more personal involvement.

Gregg and Rawda Doolittle (Board Members)

The Doolittles met and married in the Holy Land and have shared most of their lives and work in that land ever since. They lived in France and Egypt before settling in Palestine over three decades ago. Gregg has a Master’s degree in biblical studies and Rawda has a teaching degree as well as a certificate specialized in ministering to children. Gregg and Rawda have served as our School Directors since 1999. Both are multi-lingual, and have a deep understanding of the culture in which they serve.

Ron Armstrong (President Emeritus)

Ron worked for a humanitarian NGO for a number of years, giving him extensive exposure to ministry work in the Middle-East. With a burden for the needs of children he and his late wife J.J. started Holy Land Ministries in 1982, and took over control of the Hebron School upon the retirement of the school founders. After having nurtured the Hebron School for almost 30 years, J.J. passed away in 2018. Ron remains an active board member and an invaluable source of knowledge and historical relationships of the school.

Dave Garrison (President) and Lois Garrison (Board Member)

While raising their four children Dave and Lois were always active in children’s ministry at their local church. Dave taught Sunday School and served on the board of Christian Education. Lois was active in the Pre-school program as well as the youth group. Upon hitting their empty nesting years, and Dave’s retirement from managing the family business, they expanded their efforts beyond their local church and joined Holy Land Ministries as Board Members. Their roles with HLM now allow both of them to combine their heart for children with their respective giftedness by serving in leadership roles that primarily focus on domestic administrative duties.

John and Leslie Osborne (Board Members)

John and Leslie were introduced to Holy Land Ministries through their active participation in their home church- John as an elder and Leslie as a staff member. John has been a professional geologist for over 30 years, mostly involved in environmental issues. His experience in running six offices has equipped John with particular skills that benefit this ministry and those we serve, including strategic planning, financial management, and staff engagement. Leslie served in Children, Youth, and Family Ministry for 30 years, coordinating the activities of over 100 volunteers. She also served as President of a local college prep academy for 15 years. Their respective experience in management, strategic planning, education, leadership, and strategic planning have made both of them superb additions to the board.

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This young lady has overcome many challenges in her young life, including her mother having been through the ordeal of fighting cancer. With that, and other family issues to deal with, Joelle often felt a bit adrift in school. She didn’t quite know where she fit in, struggled with grades, and had trouble finding friends. Early high school was hard. With the help of some kind teachers, and lots of hard work, Joelle found her stride as a junior. She discovered a love of art and literature, and excelled at both. She hopes to become an author someday, or be involved in the film industry. Joelle was one of Bethlehem Academy’s first graduates, and did very well taking her CLEP exams her senior year. She’s an excellent example of a student who left BEA with a great deal of hope for a productive and gratifying future in her post BEA years.


Hamza dealt with a blow that is hard to imagine for many of us; his father was killed in a workplace accident. Rather than tell him the truth, his family told him that his father had gone abroad for a job opportunity. He is an inquisitive kid and it wasn’t long before he knew something was not right. After persistent questioning, his family finally told him the truth. The loss of his father, along with the deception, caused a downward spiral in his grades and behavior at school. The school administration along with the entire staff poured themselves into this young man’s life and he began to slowly recover from his loss. Hamza still misses his father every day, but with his friends and teachers encouragement he is beginning to find his smile again.  


Ziyad joined us in kindergarten, and was a normal, happy boy. His life got challenging though when his mother was diagnosed with some severe mental health issues, fighting a battle with anxiety and depression. Life at home became a challenge. She got the help she needed, but it was hard on Ziyad. Our teaching staff was aware of this situation and came along side to love and encourage him as much as they could. With their extra care and attention, he was able to cope successfully with this situation. Ziyad is now doing well and is actively developing a newfound love for art. He has also developed many close relationships with his classmates. (We understand his mother is doing much better as well.)