About Us

Holy Land Ministries exists to glorify God and provide an excellent education in the heart of the Holy Land. We do this through the operation of two Christian Schools, one in Hebron and the other in Bethlehem, both located in what is often referred to as Palestine.

Our involvement in this region began in 1954 with the founding of the Hebron Home & School. A second school, the Bethlehem Academy, opened in 2014. Both schools offer a high quality education in an environment that provides safety and security for all of our students.

Our schools:

Hebron Home & School

Location: Hebron, Palestine
Established: 1954
Grades: K through 6
Enrollment: Approximately 300
Serving: Muslim families
Curriculum: Arabic
Other: Hearing Impaired Class
Special Needs Class
Boarding Program

Bethlehem Christian Academy

Location: Beit Sahour, Palestine
Established: 2014
Grades: Pre-K through 12
Enrollment: Expected K-12 to be 700
Serving: Muslims and Christians
Curriculum: English and Arabic
Other: Prepare graduates for successful taking of the SAT