Holy Land Ministries exists to glorify God and provide and excellent education in the heart of the Holy Land. We do his through the operation of two Christian Schools, one in Hebron and the other in Bethlehem, both located in what is often referred to as Palestine.

The Hebron School (K-6) has built a strong reputation in the area due to our commitment to showing the love of Christ in very practical ways; we provide a high quality education in a loving environment. As the only full time Christian influence in Hebron we enjoy not only the impact we have on our students, but on their families as well. We have been a part of the Hebron community for over 60 years and are gratified to see how God has worked, and continues to work, through this school.

The Bethlehem Academy was opened in 2014, and continues our strong tradition of living out the biblical message of love and salvation in the context of a good education. This school is for grades pre-K through 12th grade, and uses a bi-lingual American curriculum to prepare our students for successful completion of the SAT exams.

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Hamza dealt with a blow that is hard to imagine for many of us; his father was killed in a workplace accident. Rather than tell him the truth, his family told him that his father had gone abroad for a job opportunity. He is an inquisitive kid and it wasn’t long before he knew something was not right. After persistent questioning, his family finally told him the truth. The loss of his father, along with the deception, caused a downward spiral in his grades and behavior at school. The school administration along with the entire staff poured themselves into this young man’s life and he began to slowly recover from his loss. Hamza still misses his father every day, but with his friends and teachers encouragement he is beginning to find his smile again.  


Ziyad joined us in kindergarten, and was a normal, happy boy. His life got challenging though when his mother was diagnosed with some severe mental health issues, fighting a battle with anxiety and depression. Life at home became a challenge. She got the help she needed, but it was hard on Ziyad. Our teaching staff was aware of this situation and came along side to love and encourage him as much as they could. With their extra care and attention, he was able to cope successfully with this situation. Ziyad is now doing well and is actively developing a newfound love for art. He has also developed many close relationships with his classmates. (We understand his mother is doing much better as well.)