"I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought to serve and found how to serve." -Albert Schweitzer

The founders of the Hebron Home and School, Miss Ida and Ada Stoltzfus, were sent out by the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) from Pennsylvania in the early 1950’s. It wasn’t long before the needs of the children spoke to their hearts. They started an orphanage, and not long afterwards, a school. Our first class was in 1954, with just 13 young boys.

After decades of ministering to “their children” they met Ron and J.J. Armstrong, founders of Holy Land Ministries. Holy Land Ministries agreed to take over the school in the mid-80’s. Under Ron and J.J’s guidance the school grew to an enrollment of over 300 students- all of whom are from Muslim families. Dave and Lois Garrison joined HLM in 2010 to help continue this ministry’s commitment to the children and families of this very needy place.

Hebron Home & School (K-6)
Our school has built a strong reputation in the area due to our commitment to showing the love of Christ in very practical ways; we offer a high quality education in a loving environment. Two special programs have also been added. The first is our Boarding Program, with about 20 boys who live at the school during the week. These are boys who are from very poor families or live too far away to commute every day. The other program is our class for the Hearing Impaired, regarded as being head and shoulders above any other in the Hebron area.

Bethlehem Christian Academy* (K-12)
In June of 2012 we began construction of our new school in Beit Sahour, an area just outside of Bethlehem. Our first classes began in August of 2014, with Pre-K thru First grade. We expanded to grade 5 in 2015, and are adding one grade level per year until we reach 12th grade. The American curriculum is focused on developing superior language skills in both English and Arabic- something no other school in the area is doing. We will also have a mix of Muslim and Christian students in our student body. What an opportunity… to show the love and truth of the Gospel message in the very birthplace of our Lord!

Palestinians value a good education, but often emigrate upon receiving their diploma or college degree. Our vision is to train up a new generation of leaders that will stay in their homeland to influence their culture in business, government, the arts, and other areas of society, with a biblically based world view.

*One note: the school is known locally as Bethlehem Evangelical Academy due to cultural and language considerations.


The bi-lingual curriculum of the new Bethlehem school requires a number of English speaking teachers. Children are taught in “English emersion”, but you will work alongside our local Arab teachers to provide a seamless bi-lingual experience for our students.

Although speaking Arabic might prove helpful working with students whose first language is Arabic, speaking Arabic is not required or expected.

We are seeking certified teachers, but may find roles for others who have special skills or backgrounds.

We will be seeking commitments for teaching a minimum of one full school year.

All teachers will be required to raise their own support. We estimate amounts that vary between $1,500 and $3,000 per month, depending on your situation (single vs. family, etc.)

We will help you find suitable housing, the cost of which will be part of the support requirement identified above.

We will assist you in getting the proper visa, longer term than a tourist visa.

For further information regarding this opportunity please contact Dave or Lois Garrison.