Hebron Home and School

The Hebron Home & School was founded in 1954 by twin sisters Ida and Ada Stoltzfus from Morgantown, Pennsylvania. After nearly 40 years of loving service to “their children” they turned the school over to Holy Land Ministries. The Hebron Home & School has grown a solid reputation over the past six decades, providing a quality education in a loving environment.

We continue to minister to the children and their families, and have grown our programs to meet the needs of the people in Hebron.

Boarding Program
The orphanage that was the genesis of our ministry is still represented by our boarding program. Students from the neediest families or families that live far away reside at the school during the week, and are cared for by live-in house parents.

Hearing Impaired
With a substantial investment in the specialized equipment required for such work, we have developed a class for the hearing impaired. We work to mainstream these students and have developed a reputation for the best program in Hebron for these very special children.

Special Needs
We also have a class for children with mild learning challenges. Children with conditions such as A.D.D. , dyslexia and non-verbal learning disabilities find the extra help they need to be successful in the classroom.

Hebron Home & School at a glance:
Hebron, Palestine
Established 1954
Grades K through 6
Enrollment of approximately 300 boys and girls
All Muslim students
Hearing Impaired Class
Boarding Program
Arabic Curriculum