1. Where are your schools located?

The Hebron Home & School is in Hebron, which is approximately20 miles south-southeast of Jerusalem.
The Bethlehem Christian Academy is in Beit Sahour, which is a neighboring village to Bethlehem.
Both schools are in the West Bank and therefore come under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.

2. How did the ministry get started?

Our ministry began with the founding of the Hebron Home & School in 1954, by twin sisters Ida & Ada Stoltzfus. They were sent out by the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) of Akron, OH., and began by doing humanitarian work- distributing clothing and food. The needs of the children spoke to their hearts and they started an orphanage, which soon became a school. Their first class had 13 young boys. Holy Land Ministries accepted control of the school in 1982, and would grow enrollment to approximately 300 students.

3. How long have your schools been in operation?

The Hebron Home and School began in 1954. The Bethlehem Christian Academy opened in 2014.

4. How big are your schools?

Hebron Home & School:
K thru 6, with approximately 300 students and a total staff of about 30.
Bethlehem Christian Academy:
Pre-K thru 5 (academic year 2015/16), with approximately 150 students and a staff of about 25.
BCA will grow by one grade level per year until we reach 12th grade, with an estimated enrollment of 700 students.

5. Do our schools charge tuition?

Yes, we charge tuition at Hebron Home & School and Bethlehem Christian Academy, but total tuition collected falls far short of the total cost of operating both schools.

6. What language do you teach your classes in?

Hebron Home & School: classes are taught in Arabic, although we do have a class to teach English.
Bethlehem Christian Academy: Most classes are taught in English by our volunteer English speaking faculty. We do have some teaching in Arabic so the students retain, and improve upon, their Arabic language skills.